Suspect held for NY murder of Sugar Aloes’ son

Ancil Blackman
Ancil Blackman

A 41-year-old man has been arrested three days after one of Michael Osuna's sons was killed in Brooklyn, New York.

Osuna is better known as two-time calypso monarch Sugar Aloes.

An article in the New York paper the Daily News said Hason Rink was arrested in connection with two murders, one being that of Ancil Blackman.

Daily News said Rink confessed to killing Blackman, who was a rival in his romantic pursuit, while the other murder was a hired hit which earned him US$2,000.

Blackman, 39, was shot dead near his Crown Heights home on July 24.

Rink was held for the murder of Deondraye Moore, which happened on July 2, and allegedly implicated himself in Blackman’s murder.

Blackman, the article said, had started a relationship with Rink’s girlfriend while Rink was in prison. The two men argued over the woman, who has a child with Rink, up to a week before the murder.

Blackman is the second of Osuna's sons to be murdered. In 2018, Sea Lots resident Arnold “Redo” Isaac was sentenced to death for murdering Imo Osuna 12 years earlier.

Imo was shot dead in Sea Lots, Port of Spain, on October 29, 2006 after he spoke out against residents over the robbery of a patron at a party he had hosted days before.


"Suspect held for NY murder of Sugar Aloes’ son"

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