Rowley 'zesses' through Diego Martin West

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley - Jeff Mayers
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley - Jeff Mayers

Residents of Diego Martin West were treated to music and live entertainment on Tuesday, as the PNM candidate and Prime Minister Dr Rowley rolled through in a motorcade calling on them to come out and vote for him on August 10.

Rowley has served as the constituency's MP for 29 years and is seeking a second term as PM.

Riding atop a truck,  Rowley journeyed from Carenage to Diego Martin, making a few stops along the way. While many in his entourage adhered to covid19 rules, not everyone wore masks, and physical distancing was set aside as the Carnival-like atmosphere encouraged support for Rowley.

Rowley even did the "zesser," dancing along to local dancehall songs to the delight of young supporters, who followed his moves.

Flags were waved as artistes Peter C Lewis and I Sasha hyped them up.

The motorcade caused traffic along the Western Main Road, but was not shut down as was done two weeks ago when Police Commissioner Gary Griffith stopped PNM and UNC motorcades in the constituency. Rowley was not in his party's motorcade then. Griffith said at the time the parties did not have permission to have motorcades.

Speaking briefly at the final stop on Morne Coco Road, Rowley reminded residents that since 1991 he has been their representative and called on them once more to entrust their concerns to him for another five years


"Rowley ‘zesses’ through Diego Martin West"

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