CoP: Possible leak in DPP's office led to EMBD article

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith -
Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith -

COMMISSIONER of Police Gary Griffith said there is a possible leak in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) after a classified document relating to an investigation into the Estate Management and Business Development Company (EMBD) was reported in a local newspaper.

Speaking on Monday at a police media briefing, he said this was the second time there had been such a breach in the Office of the DPP, with a previous leak relating to a report on ACP Hackshaw. Griffith said there may be a major leak in that office which could affect investigations and he would be speaking with DPP Roger Gaspard, SC, on what could be causing it.

He said the police service has been "paraded" on political platforms. "We are not here to help any political party or discredit any political party. We are not here to assist any politician or target any politician."

He added: "And the latest now has to do with the situation as it relates to the EMBD. There were comments made recently that the police are being influenced. I wish to give the assurance to the country that this is totally untrue."

UNC deputy political leader Dr Roodal Moonilal told Newsday in a previous interview that the police were under serious political pressure from very high-ranking government officials to embark on a witch-hunt regarding the EMBD investigation, with officers “under extreme pressure from an English team” to charge somebody.

On Monday Griffith reiterated that he intended to close all "gates" (outstanding high-profile investigations). "And nothing has changed. We don't have to stop our business because of an election campaign. That is irrelevant to me." He said it was inappropriate to accuse the police of being interfered with by Government.

"I cannot be bought. I have no strings that can be pulled." Head of the police legal unit Christian Chandler, who also spoke at the press briefing on Monday, said with the advent of the election there have been attempts to politicise certain investigations, some of which had reached an advanced stage.

Chandler said since he took office in 2019 he has been working with UK-based EMM (Edmonds Marshall McMahon), a specialist private prosecution law firm contracted to assist police with fraud and fraud-related matters.

"To that end EMM has gone through at least 1.5 million documents in their exercise and in their investigations in a bid to unearth and advance investigations in the EMBD and Life Sport matters."

He said these matters were previously shelved and nothing was done with them. He referred to a newspaper article (not in Newsday) which quoted a confidential letter that said there was "circumstantial evidence" in the matter. Chandler said it was curious that something of such a sensitive nature sent to the DPP's office, would end in that newspaper.

He added, however, that the evidence is reliable and strong and sometimes circumstantial evidence can be more beneficial. "The evidence is not weak or tenuous."

Asked about the issue of the possible leak in his office, DPP Gaspard told Newsday he would not be able to comment until he hears the commissioner's statements for himself.


"CoP: Possible leak in DPP’s office led to EMBD article"

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