Judge orders injunction posted on Facebook

For what may be the first time, a High Court judge has ordered that a copy of an injunction order should be posted as a comment on a Facebook page.

Justice Devindra Rampersad made the order on Saturday night in a land matter currently before the court.

The judge’s orders came after several posts relating to the case were made on the “Know Your Rights T&T” Facebook page. They gave details of the matter before the court and called the names of the parties.

In his order, Rampersad ordered the file to be immediately sealed by the Registrar of the Supreme Court until further order.

He also granted an order restraining the claimants in the case from providing any information to the administrators of the Know Your Rights T&T Facebook page.

The judge also ordered the claimants to depose on affidavit whether they have communicated with, or disclosed any documents, to the administrator or employees of the Facebook page in relation to the case.

They are also expected to reveal, if there was communication, the nature and extent of the communication, including the date and time the communication was made and to whom it was made and on whose instructions it was done.

He also ordered them to attach copies of any e-mails or any other communication sent to the administrator or employees of the Facebook page.

In addition to giving the defendants permission to post, as a comment under the original post on the Know Your Rights T&T page, a copy of his order, he also directed the registrar to send a copy of the order to the Police Commissioner.

The judge’s order was posted on the page on Saturday night but has since been removed.

The defendants who sought the injunction were represented by attorney Alvin Pariagsingh.


"Judge orders injunction posted on Facebook"

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