Republic Bank West Mall to remain closed today

Republic Bank Ltd’s West Mall branch will remain closed on Friday after the Health Ministry confirmed a bank employee’s child tested positive for covid19.

The bank issued a release on Thursday morning saying the branch would be closed, but gave no reason.

But in an afternoon release, it said, “The bank confirms that the child and parent visited the branch on July 10 and on July 22, the child tested positive.

“The risk to clients continues to be low as it was confirmed that neither the child nor the parent was in contact with the branch’s client base.”

It said under the Health Ministry’s guidance, the bank activated the “required infection control measures,” which include testing staff members and recommending quarantine to those who interacted with the child.

It also said, “The two-day closure will allow for thorough sanitisation of the premises.

“Republic Bank will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Health and the relevant authorities to ensure that there is no risk to staff and clients. The previously implemented in-branch safety protocols will remain in effect.”


"Republic Bank West Mall to remain closed today"

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