CoP on Lifesport, EMBD probes: More progress in last 6 months than last 6 years

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith. -
Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith. -

The TTPS has made more progress on investigations into Lifesport and the Estate Management Business Development Co (EMBD) in the last six months than it has in the last six years, Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith said on Monday.

Speaking at a media briefing at the Police Administration Building in Port of Spain, Griffith said the cases were difficult, but the reason the police have been able to move so fast on these matters is because of confidentiality.

"We are doing a number of things, including working closely with our UK (consultants) that I hired personally because some of these cases were taking too long. (What we have now) is a degree of confidentiality and we have prevented leaks.

"Lifesport and EMBD have been going on for the last six years. Everyone is aware. Absolutely nothing (in reports on Sunday) would have affected the investigations. We have kept these investigations airtight. We would bring anything to the attention of public only if someone comes forward or an arrest is made."

He said whatever was reported was already in the public domain but there "is a lot I have in my back pocket that I am aware of and am working closely with the relevant agencies" including the Office of the DPP.

Noting that one media report claimed arrests were imminent, Griffith said he was not in any position to make such a statement to allude if anyone was to be arrested or not.

"We have done a lot. We have started to pick low-hanging fruit. You can spend years searching for the whole thing but we are looking to close all gates one way or the other."


"CoP on Lifesport, EMBD probes: More progress in last 6 months than last 6 years"

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