Decapitated man found in Red Hill

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File photo

A 63-year-old man was found decapitated in the front porch of his home at Red Hill, D’Abadie on Friday.

Relatives at the Forensic Science Centre in St James told Newsday, Selwyn Springer, one of 12 siblings, was found dead in his home by a neighbour.

Newsday was told one of Springer’s neighbours was walking along Red Hill on Friday when he noticed flies swarming in his front porch. The neighbour peeked in to see why the flies were gathering, and discovered Springer’s body.

Baffled relatives are calling for a proper investigation into his death. They described him as a non-confrontational person but said he enjoyed drinking on the same front porch where he was found.

“This definitely is something that has to be looked into,” said one relative. “We don’t know what caused this to happen. Knowing him as I do, he might be a little boisterous when he was drinking but he was not an aggressive person.”

Relatives were told that aside from being decapitated he had been chopped several times.


"Decapitated man found in Red Hill"

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