3 murders in 24 hours: St James man killed after visions

Nicolye Andrews -
Nicolye Andrews -

TWENTY-YEAR-OLD Nicolye Andrews told his mother he was having visions of someone wanting to harm him.

On Saturday morning the premonitions came true when he and a friend were murdered.

Speaking with Sunday Newsday at his home, Andrews’ mother, Nicole Andrews-Clarke, said her warnings to her son about the friends he kept, particularly after he revealed he was the target of an unknown attacker, were ignored.

“When I heard he was shot, I got mad, because I keep talking to him about the friends he had.

"He is not accustomed liming that area. Another friend warned him not to go and he still went.”

Police reported that Andrews, of Belle Vue, Long Circular, St James died while being treated at the Port of Spain General Hospital after he and teenager Kadeem Samuel were shot while liming at Upper Bournes Road, St James. Samuel, 17, of Aboud Circular, was declared dead at 2 am at the health facility.

Police said Andrews and Samuel, along with others, were at a place called “The Coco” when a gunman opened fire on the group, hitting the two. The shooting took place around 1.30 am.

Andrews-Clarke added: “He always used to get a bad vibes and dreams and had visions. He had known that someone was out for him.

"I don’t know why, though. He was a very friendly person. He was a girls' man. His nickname was 'Smiley' and 'Focus.' He had the name (Smiley) since school days, because that is what he used to do, smile for everything.”

Kadeem Samuel -

The mother of five boys, she said her first-born son had been a janitor at a gym for the past five years and was not involved in any criminal activity.

Police confirmed that as far as they knew, Andrews was not involved in crime.

His mother said, “I am a very calm person I am taking it calmly.

"I know my children and I know the God I serve, and I know I will get my justice. I am a Shango Baptist so I will put my trust in God.

"The most a mother could say is that forgiveness is everything and the Lord will give me my justice. “

At Samuel's home, a relative said he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. The relative did not want to say anything else as there was "too much misinformation" circulating.

While there, Sunday Newsday saw other relatives coming to the home as they prepared for Samuel’s wake.

In two unrelated incidents, police are investigating the murder of a former regiment officer and the discovery of a decomposing body.

Police reported that around 4.30 pm, residents of Galaxy Gardens, D'Abadie heard gunshots and later found Dinelvi Tinto dead. Police did not give a motive for his killing.

Dinelvi Tinto -

In the second incident, the decomposing body of a man was found off Caura Royal Road just after noon. Police said there was no ID on the body and may need DNA to confirm its identity. The body was found by passers-by who followed a stench, police said.


"3 murders in 24 hours: St James man killed after visions"

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