PM: UNC elements sabotaging water supply to influence voting

PNM political leader and Prime Minister Keith Rowley  -  Jeff Mayers
PNM political leader and Prime Minister Keith Rowley - Jeff Mayers

THE PRIME Minister has accused the United National Congress (UNC) of having agents in the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) sabotaging people's water supply.

He was speaking on Friday with the media after filing his nomination papers at the Point Cumana Regional Complex.

He was asked about UNC candidates telling constituents if they are short of water to let them know.

Dr Rowley, however, said the candidates were trying to exploit a situation which is well known in the country.

He pointed out on Thursday morning WASA reported that the Arena Reservoir, the country's largest, was at its lowest level ever.

"We have not had good rain since probably September or October last year. And we are in a drought, a prolonged drought. What is happening is that we have had to ration water for the country because we do not have enough water in storage. So there is a shortage of water across the country because our normal rainfall has not occurred.

"So if there are people who want to say in this drought they could provide water that the Government cannot provide, then they are trying to exploit what is in effect a national problem of a drought."

He also claimed that the UNC had "elements in WASA" who are causing extreme hardship for some people.

"I can tell you now that in Tunapuna, St Joseph and Barataria/San Juan there are people in WASA who have been interfering with the water supply and the rationing, (to) create hardship for some people in the hope that those people would be angry with the Government."

He said on Thursday morning he had to ask Public Utilities Minister Fitzgerald Hinds to miss the Cabinet meeting and go to WASA to ensure that the behaviour was curbed.

"So that people in the upper hills can get their water, because there are people in WASA carrying out the UNC's instruction and turning off the water.

"In Santa Margarita (St Augustine) they did not have water for 12 days. In a rationing system they would get water every other day or thereabouts. Twelve days they didn't get water. Because there are people in WASA interfering with the water supply to influence the vote."

Rowley said he trusted that after the election there would be no incentive for this behaviour and it would stop, as the PNM would beat the UNC in the east, west, north, south and "on their foot sole."

Communications officer for WASA Daniel Plenty, contacted on Friday afternoon, said he could not comment on the matter at this time. WASA CEO Alan Poon King could not be reached for comment.


"PM: UNC elements sabotaging water supply to influence voting"

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