O2N to host creative conversation

Nicole Dyer Griffith - Gary Cardinez
Nicole Dyer Griffith - Gary Cardinez

THE Oxygen with Nicole Foundation will launch off its O2N Style 2020 activities with the Creative Conversation. This year, the conversation will take the form of a live virtual panel discussion that will focus on the changing dynamics of the creative economy.

The conversation starts at 5 pm on July 25. Under the banner “the Creative Economy in Transition ...towards a new horizon,” addressing the economic impact created by the covid19 pandemic will take focus.

In a media release, the O2N Foundation said it “wishes to address issues surrounding the impact of creativity on the economy, the relevance of design thinking to accommodate a new normal and the application of creative intelligence to socio-economic transformation.”

O2N chairman Nicole Dyer-Griffith, who hosts the event, said in the release: “We want to basically examine how we confront a redefined reality relying on innovative, entrepreneurial and productive visioning.”

Panellists include Nirad Tewarie, Elena Dyer, Akilah Jaramogi, Robert Young, Claudia Pegus, René Holder, Catherine Kumar, Dionne McNicol Stephenson, Josanne Lennard, Dr Michele Reis, Lorraine O’Connor and Derrick Lewis.

Richard Young -

Designer Richard Young, moderator of the event, said “it is imperative to identify the role of the creative economy in resetting our local and regional sustainable development goals, particularly in light of the fact that next year has been declared, by the United Nations, as the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development.”

The release said “the intention of the Creative Conversation is to engender a relatable appreciation of the value of the creative economy and to strategise a relative positioning of its importance to socio-economic reconfiguration, at this critical juncture.

The discussion will be streamed on Facebook – @o2nfoundation and @omgtt.


"O2N to host creative conversation"

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