Bones missing from man found dead in police station

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TWO key parts in a private investigation into the death of Gary Layne, the man found hanging in the Arouca Police Station, are missing.
A relative told Newsday Thursday evening that pathologist Dr Hubert Daisley realised two bones were missing from Layne's body during a private autopsy done earlier in the day at Allen's Funeral Home in Arima.
It is believed the bones are at the Forensic Science Centre (FSC) in St James.

Newsday was told if the bones were broken or fractured this could suggest foul play.

Daisley promised relatives he would make a request in writing to the FSC for access to the bones so he could examine them and conclude his investigation.

Relatives requested a second autopsy after an initial post mortem by pathologists at the FSC revealed Layne died from asphyxiation consistent with hanging.

Police detained Layne on Sunday on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder, when he visited the Arima police station to sign an attendance log book as per conditions for bail. He was taken to the Arouca police station for questioning but was later found dead in a holding cell at the station.

"The first pathologist told us that everything was fine with him, so why then did they keep those body parts? The only reason I could see is that it was intentional and they could have taken it for further analysis," the relative said.

Relatives became suspicious after they were called by police and told to go to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where they were told he was dead. They became even more suspicious after getting what they claimed were conflicting versions surrounding his death.

"We want to get to the bottom of this but other than that I just want to bury him," the relative said. "I would be happy once I get conclusive information as to how he really died."


"Bones missing from man found dead in police station"

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