Questions for WASA

THE EDITOR: I am aware of the myriad issues facing TT, including the effects of covid19, an upcoming election and a severe water shortage. Still I have some questions for WASA after not receiving a supply for close to a month:

Why are you not sticking to your own water schedule? Why do pressures remain so low that the effect is that people get no water for weeks? Do you know that many of your lines are in dire need of cleaning and repair so that water can flow more efficiently? When will this exercise take place? When is a metering system for water going to be in place so that people only pay for what is actually used?

Why do the people at the call centre never have any information? Who can answer technical issues quickly? Do you pay those stressed-out people at the call centre enough to deal with an irate public? When is the lie that the truck-borne supply takes two-three working days going to stop? Why not just tell the public that it takes two-three weeks minimum after customers call each day and take more than a half an hour to speak to someone? Why is it that the truck-borne supply does not run every weekend?

Why does the public have to be fearful every time a road is paved? Why do you not fix the roads properly after you destroy them? Where is the co-ordination with other agencies on this? Do you know that WASA stands for Workers Against Smooth Asphalt?


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"Questions for WASA"

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