Duke: I want no part of allyuh

PDP leader Watson Duke. -
PDP leader Watson Duke. -

Political Leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) and Tobago East candidate Watson Duke has cancelled the planned meeting with One Tobago Voice (OTV) co-founders Christlyn Moore of Tobago Forwards, Ashworth Jack of the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) and The Platform of Truth (TPT) led by Hochoy Charles.

One week ago, Duke wrote the party requesting a meeting to discuss how the OTV and the PDP could fight as one against the PNM.

However, Duke is now saying he wants no part of the OTV team.

“You don’t put new wine in old wine skins. I want no part of allyuh. I was trying to work with allyuh but I recognise allyuh bad mind, allyuh envious, allyuh wicked. You all are a bunch of backstabbers and, apart from that, you all are a bunch of losers.”

In an open letter to Duke, Moore said it is regrettable that the teams have not been able to collaborate in the interest of Tobago’s people.

“While I understand that manipulation and misstatement may be the tools of many politicians, it was regrettable to count you in that number.”

She admitted that she has had disappointing moments with Duke previously.

“You announced to the national public in a previous election cycle, that you were in fact a supporter of the ruling PNM. I have managed to forgive this matter, though it is difficult to forget.

“You met with me in the middle of the 2016 THA election to agree on a compromise position re: candidates, and your utterances were so outrageous and egomaniacal that it became clear that your main reason for meeting was to grand-charge. As an aide-memoire, that was the meeting where you insisted that your party was assured to win at least eight of the THA seats.”

Moore said Duke also agreed to a merger with the Tobago Forwards, under the PDP banner, at a meeting with her in 2019, but thereafter could not be found to implement any of the agreed terms of the merger.

“You failed to respond to any correspondence regarding the merger, and instead articulated in the public space that your party had instructed you not to merge.

"You fixed a meeting with OTV for July 10, 2020 where the date and time was agreed by your party’s deputy political leader Farley Augustine and the venue suggested by him, only to have your lady deputy political leader Faith BYisrael throw a tantrum about not being a part of the decision making on the venue.

OTV co-founder Christlyn Moore. -

“You have introduced at least three stories in the media, and three different ones with OTV leadership about why you requested a meeting with OTV, and why you eventually aborted that meeting. Keeping a story straight is not your strong suit, I have come to learn – I suggest you work on that matter before taking any oaths.”

Moore said she thinks she has a better record than Duke in keeping undertakings.

“I will wish you the best. While I have not been able to trust you, perhaps the electorate will see what I have not been able to discern and, in so doing, install you as the representative for Tobago East. It will certainly be a hard choice facing our people, but they are experienced in separating the wheat from the chaff. May the force be with you and whatever the outcome Vox Populi, Vox Dei.” Moore said she would respond to all attacks directed towards her by Duke.

“I have held my tongue because a public spat between people who are seeking to reach a collaborative consensus is not productive, but I have to admit that it has been a failed endeavour, and my collaborative efforts with you, spanning the last seven years, are now at an end.”


"Duke: I want no part of allyuh"

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