'New normal' rules issued for schools

The Ministry of Education released guidelines for teachers, parents, students, and visitors to schools, in preparation for the September 1 reopening of schools nationwide. The 15-page document was issued on Monday.

In addition to the “New Normal” guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, which have already been implemented nationwide, the document also outlines specific new rules for those on school compounds.

As with all public spaces, all visitors must wear a mask, and physical distancing must be observed.

“Visitors with flu-like symptoms will not be allowed entry on the compound. Staff and students with flu-like symptoms must remain at home and provide medical clearance before attending school.”

Once available, infrared thermometers will be used on entry.

“Students or visitors with a higher than average temperature should be directed to a cool area and their temperature checked every five minutes.”

The guidelines state visitors with a high temperature should not be allowed entry on the compound and a screening notebook will be put in place to record two consecutive high readings.

“Students who report to school with flu-like symptoms should be placed in a quarantine room and the parent and health facilities (depending on severity) must be called.”

Staggered break and lunch times will be implemented.

Schools must also discourage sharing food and drink, books, stationery and other personal items. Students are encouraged to bring their own supply of sanitiser and hand soap.

In addition, “the policy on the wearing of masks by staff and students while on the school compound will be guided by the Ministry of Health.”

Should a member of staff or student be suspected of having covid19, they will be required to self-quarantine and provide a letter of medical clearance before returning to school.

Should anyone test positive for the virus, the principal or vice principal must alert the Ministry of Health, dismiss school immediately and arrange for sanitisation and public health clearance before reopening.


"‘New normal’ rules issued for schools"

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