What plans for this pumping station?

THE EDITOR: Now that the sod has been turned and plans displayed for the Diego Martin Regional Corporation building, the overpass etc, the Farrell family along with residents of Diego Martin and Westmoorings would like to know what is planned for the restoration of the pumping station building.

As a member of the Farrell family and granddaughter of Charles Richards Farrell, the city engineer who built that once beautiful Westpark station, previously called Cocorite Pumping Station, I wish to emphasise how delighted we are that the remnants of the building was saved and fenced and we look forward with hope to its restoration and the preservation of Farrell's name.

What is still standing at Westpark is one of three pumping stations established by Farrell in and around 1922. Years later I remember being taken there on Sunday afternoons when we, the grandchildren, played on smooth green lawns under the imposing collection of tropical trees that surrounded the actual pumping station and its producing water wells.

The other stations in St Clair and the bottom of Petra Street in Woodbrook no longer exist.

We also remember that the buildings with their highly polished pumps and fans, motors and engines which were meticulously maintained.

We remember the arched windows filled with coloured glass triangles filtering interesting patterns on the floors of the pristine offices.

I also remember the sound of precious water flowing through the metal channels to be cleansed and then pumped to the city.

What a wonderful site for a museum it would make. Let's keep TT beautiful and we need our historical buildings to do that.


(nee Farrell)

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"What plans for this pumping station?"

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