Digicel, you can do better

THE EDITOR: Open letter to the Digicel TT Home Entertainment division.

You need to get your act together. Customers are looking for a reliable service – but also customer friendly service.

You are an Irish business that fights for what it wants so everything must be perfect for your customers.

This country has many providers fighting to get customers to use their service. The days of one provider is gone. We the customers now have options. We are looking for reliable, stress-free, customer friendly service – and of course affordability. Especially in these times when every cent counts.

Neither you, Flow nor any other provider can take things for granted. Beware!

You started hot when you entered the TT market but now you have gone warm. Don't reach the stage of being cold. CSR is the key to success with your users but also reliability.

Don't get big-headed thinking customers will settle for any nonsense from any provider. They would simply go elsewhere.

Digicel, I know you can do better.


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"Digicel, you can do better"

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