Calypso Rose’s Same Boat

Photo courtesy Jean Michel Gibert -
Photo courtesy Jean Michel Gibert -

We’re all in the same boat and that is the story Calypso Rose’s Same Boat tells. The song was originally done in 2019. It features German-Sierra Leonean singer-songwriter, Patrice Bart-Williams and Canadian-Caribbean music band, Kobo Town. But world events have prompted a remix done by musician Guts and producer, IZem.

The remix was released on July 8.

“They did this song like last year and we did the remix this year. It is interesting to see that. It is a little bit of what happened to the world. Facing covid19 we are all in the same boat,” Calypso Rose’s world manager Jean Michel Gibert said to Newsday in a phone interview on Wednesday.

He added that the song also talks about the Middle Passage and slavery which connects with the Black Lives Matter movement and all that is happening today.

Gibert said this is why Calypso Rose and her team thought it interesting to revisit it now.

She was also expected to release an album and do a tour in March 2020 but that was postponed because of the covid19 pandemic. The album will be released next year.

He said in the meanwhile an Extended Play (EP) record will be released in September with remixes of some of her songs including Same Boat.

He added that the EP will be a collector’s vinyl record done with French label, Heavenly Sweetness.


"Calypso Rose’s Same Boat"

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