Scotiabank makes banking easier for seniors

Stephen Bagnarol, Scotiabank senior vice president and managing director. - Angelo Marcelle
Stephen Bagnarol, Scotiabank senior vice president and managing director. - Angelo Marcelle

SCOTIABANK has launched a new information hub for seniors called Bank with Confidence; a tool to guide customers through all of the possibilities that digital banking has to offer.

The launch is timely as July kicks off Senior's month for Scotiabank, a time to celebrate the contribution of seniors in our communities.

Scotiabank, in a release, said the resource is available on and will be particularly useful as customers continue to navigate the challenges presented by covid19.

“Seniors make up a large portion of our customer base. Their health and safety at this time are a major focus for us as there is no vaccine for the virus,” said Stephen Bagnarol, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Scotiabank TT.

“They are the most vulnerable in our communities and we’re committed to developing initiatives to help them get their banking done remotely, reducing touch points so they can stay home and stay safe.” he concluded.

Bank with Confidence has been launched as a way to help seniors feel more comfortable banking at home. The digital hub includes OnLine Banking tips, step by step guides, information on understanding the safety and security of OnLine Banking and more. We encourage all of our customers to get online and learn about the tools and advice available to them.

Our dedicated digital support team is available via email to help seniors and all our customers learn about online banking and the ease and convenience it adds to their lives.



The Bank with Confidence digital hub helps seniors learn the basics of digital banking, while expanding their range of self-serve tasks.

Digital options are available for everyday banking needs, such as accessing account statements (e-statements), checking your account balance and account history, transferring money between accounts, sending money to other local banks and paying bills using Scotia OnLine Banking or the Scotia Caribbean Mobile App.

Once you’ve registered for Scotia OnLine Banking, you are automatically enrolled for Scotiabank Alerts. This means, you get real time Alert messages for every transaction on your account(s).

The first hour at all branches is still dedicated to serving elderly and disabled customers so they can conduct transactions that are not yet available using Scotia OnLine Banking and the Scotia Caribbean App.

The Scotia Caribbean App offers multiple layers of security- including support for fingerprint and face recognition sign in (depending on your device and OS).

Signing in to Scotia OnLine is safer and more secure – a verification code will be sent to your valid email address, each time you sign in.


"Scotiabank makes banking easier for seniors"

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