Barry Padarath returns on Wednesday

Barry Padarath -
Barry Padarath -

Former UNC MP Barry Padarath is hoping to return to TT on Wednesday.

Padarath said he was "humbled" to have been chosen once again as the party's candidate for Princes Town in the August 10 general election.

He also said the UNC's election slate provides the party with the best chance to win the election.

Padarath left TT in March before the borders were closed to prevent the spread of covid19.

On Monday, Padarath said he sent his final flight details to National Security Minister Stuart Young.

"He (Young) requested that information in order to grant the final approvals.

."Once approved, I would be back on Wednesday."

On June 16, Young said Padarath and his daughter Sejal had been granted an exemption to come to TT. Sejal Lara Padarath is a US citizen. Padarath confirmed that he agreed to Young's proposal for him and his daughter to be quarantined at a hotel being used for state-supervised quarantine for covid19.

Padarath also confirmed that he would pay for his quarantine.

He was screened virtually from Florida on June 19. On Sunday, UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar named him in the party's list of 39 election candidates.

While he will be in quarantine for two weeks after his arrival, Padarath said, "However, I have received advice from EBC officials that the election rules allow me to have an agent act on my behalf to submit the nomination documents and conduct business on my behalf."

After noting the "sweeping changes" made by the UNC which have seen several of his former parliamentary colleagues not contesting the election, Padarath said, "I am humbled to be returning and receiving the support from my constituency."

Asked if the non-selection of several experienced MPs could hurt the UNC's chances of victory at the polls, Padarath replied, "I think Mrs Persad-Bissessar has assembled a team of candidates that is reflective of our diversity as a nation."

He felt since the UNC candidates were announced on Sunday, "There is an excitement in the air and a confidence that the UNC will win."

He was sure the former UNC MPs who were not chosen will play their parts to ensure victory.

"They have demonstrated that they are team players."

Padarath added that they have all displayed loyalty, discipline and maturity since the announcement. "They all have a role to play as we go forward to win – all hands on deck."


"Barry Padarath returns on Wednesday"

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