(UPDATE) Cops in Morvant shooting placed on admin duties

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith. -
Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith. -

Even as he slammed the Law Association for calling on him to suspend the 12 police officers involved in the killing of three men in Morvant last week Saturday, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has placed on administrative duties, those whose guns were fired. He confirmed this to Newsday late yesterday.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is knocking the Law Association’s call to suspend the 12 police officers who were present on Saturday in Morvant when Noel Diamond, Israel Clinton and Joel Jacobs were shot dead during an alleged confrontation.

In a media release, Griffith said the suggestion was “illogical” and accused the association of expressing no concern when police officers are shot dead or when death threats are sent to them.

“So if one lawyer in a law firm commits a serious breach in a case, then all in that case should be disciplined? “There were 12 odd officers on a scene, three for the most may have fired their weapons – so the recommendation is to suspend all. Suppose it was a major convoy heading to an operation with officers? Their logic then is for all 50 to be suspended which in turn can cripple the security of that area.”

Saying the organisation was more of a “lawyers’ association” than a law association, Griffith also described as irresponsible and unfortunate the suggestion that Beetham Gardens resident Ornella Greaves was killed by a police bullet during a protest on Tuesday.

“Did they see a police officer shoot the lady? Do they know that others, who were not police officers, were firing shots in that area? Did they see the video showing her on the ground and no officer was on site when it happened? I am not saying that it may not have been from a police officer, but in the same manner the lawyers’ association should not make irresponsible statements to say that it is.” He said a police officer has been shot at every four days for the past five years, but no one is concerned about that.

“This lack of concern is obvious when most held for shooting at our police officers are then represented by some of these same lawyers. Most who speak in that lawyers’ association are defence lawyers for those who we, the police, arrest for breaking the law. “They want a reduction in police shootings? Then tell their clients to stop being in possession of illegal firearms.”


"(UPDATE) Cops in Morvant shooting placed on admin duties"

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