Caribbean must pay attention to global elite

THE EDITOR: On July 1 at 430 pm, there were 10,717,960 cases and 516,904 deaths from covid19 globally. TT had 130 cases and eight deaths. This pandemic has precipitated many socioeconomic changes.

In June, the World Economic Forum announced that in January 2021 there will be a conference in Davos, Switzerland, called the Great Reset. This conference of the global ruling elite aims to usher in a new social contract and a new global socioeconomic system. The global elites argue that the global health crisis revealed that the current system is inadequate.

Most people in the Caribbean do not pay attention to the propaganda of the global elite but in this serious time it is required. Both local and global elites will not let a crisis go to waste.

The UK will engage in a no-deal Brexit which means trade with the EU will follow World Trade Organization rules. This mean the UK will pivot towards its former colonies to increase its international power.

In June British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the merger of the department of international development and the foreign service. It will be called the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

The name change indicates Britain’s interest in Commonwealth countries and will merge UK national interest with foreign aid. It is widely accepted that politicians in TT are susceptible to foreign aid. They usually put personal and party benefits over national interest.

The Caribbean, including TT, is heavily indebted. TT’s debt to GDP ratio has reached over 64 per cent. With tourism and global trade being very weak for at least few years, TT will likely seek debt relief or the aid of international financial institutions. They will want some concessions.

Before World War I a passport was not generally required for international travel. Similarly, international travel will require more bureaucracy. Globally and locally personal freedom will be further limited after this pandemic. Pay attention to manoeuvre successfully.


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"Caribbean must pay attention to global elite"

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