Bravo backs PM’s opponent

Cricketer and entertainer Dwayne Bravo 
Cricketer and entertainer Dwayne Bravo PHOTO BY AYANNA KINSALE - Ayanna Kinsale

UNC candidate for Diego Martin West Marsha Walker defined cricketer Dwayne Bravo’s public endorsement of her for the August 10 general election as an act of a “true friend.”

In a video posted to Facebook on Thursday, the iconic all-rounder threw his support behind Walker, although previously declaring he shared no political allegiance.

Bravo encouraged Walker to “give it your best shot,”,“make a difference” and urged her to refrain from becoming the “typical politician.”

Walker, however, is expected to face an uphill task since the Diego Martin West seat is held by the Prime Minister. “He’s a champion at heart and that’s what true friends do, but honestly, knowing how this world of politics goes it means even more that he did it. I’m definitely humbled,” she said on Friday.

Walker has known Bravo for over a decade and he was integral in promoting her 2015 children’s book If I Can, You Can Too.

The UNC candidate was humbled by Bravo’s support, saying it was a brave move by the cricketer/singer to publicly endorse her campaign.

During her recent campaign throughout Diego Martin West, Walker and her supporters chanted, “We fed up complaining, so now we campaigning.”

When asked if there may be a possibility of Bravo writing a campaign jingle for her in the run-up to the general election, Walker welcomed the idea and agreed to make such a request.

“On my Big Yard (Diego Martin West) walk, the people came up with a really catchy line, so maybe he can work with them and make it a hit,” she replied.

In his video, Bravo said, “I want to say congratulations to my friend Marsha Walker for being appointed to represent UNC. For me, I have no political affiliation to anyone. But I have known Marsha for quite some time now, about ten years. She’s someone that I’d definitely would love to give that 100 per cent support.”


"Bravo backs PM’s opponent"

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