Basketball group to discuss post-covid19 plans

THE East Zone Basketball Commission (EZBC) will host a virtual meeting on Sunday to discuss plans for the sport, locally, post-covid19.

In a media release on Friday, the commission said it sent invitations to all stakeholders, 17 registered clubs, new clubs who wish to register, referees, table officials and its executive committee. The meeting will begin at 4 pm and the focus of the discussion is the “culmination of the 2019 season - areas for improvement and the foundation provided through its success - and post-pandemic activities within the East Zone – with consideration being given to how basketball can be facilitated and how stakeholders can be engaged within the new social parameters.”

EZBC assistant secretary Kern George said players and officials were satisfied with the 2019 tournament and were eager for the 2020 event.

“Unfortunately, plans were halted due to covid19, but as things are gradually returning to normal stakeholders are keen on learning the new way forward.

“We’ve used the downtime to continue planning, and guided by FIBA (International Basketball Federation), Government and medical officials, and even some international leagues, we have a few ideas in mind of how to a return to regular play could be achieved…Through this meeting, we’ll gain a greater understanding of their readiness to return to the courts.”

In April, a release issued by the National Basketball Federation of TT (NBFTT) noted that “FIBA has taken the decision that in the best interest of the players, participants and all stakeholders that all events scheduled to take place before July 31, 2020 shall be postponed.”

Team sports were allowed to resume in TT on June 22.


"Basketball group to discuss post-covid19 plans"

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