Man buys Licensing Office a typewriter to get taxi badge

DESPERATE to get his taxi badge, a man bought a $500 used typewriter and donated it to the Licensing Office.

In a Facebook post, the man who sold the typewriter explained how he was approached on Facebook to sell his typewriter.

The seller, who asked not to be named, wrote: “So funny story. I had a typewriter for sale on Facebook marketplace for some time. I get this call from a young man. We chat for a bit. He says he’s down at licensing office. He’s coming right now.

“When he arrives he gives me the story. Since December he’s been trying to get his taxi badge. He bought a maxi taxi and can’t use it because he’s waiting for his badge. Then when he passed pandemic lockdown happened. Three months later, Licensing Office opens with an appointment system, appointment to pay, then appointment to collect. The day arrives to collect. He’s told typewriter is not working over a week.”

The post goes on to say that officials at Licensing agreed that if they got a typewriter they would be able to provide the taxi badge.

The seller continues: “He finds me on Facebook marketplace. When he arrives he says 'You ever heard of a private person buying a typewriter for the State?' Money paid. He calls later to say everyone is getting their license today. He actually called twice while at licensing office to get further instruction on operating the typewriter. Well done, young man. Well done!”

Newsday reached out to the seller and got a contact number for the man who bought the typewriter, a Smith Corona, along with three erasure tapes. The man who donated the typewriter also did not want to be named. He said he did not want to be victimised along with the licensing officers.

He told Newsday that he was informed that it usually takes three weeks to get a new typewriter, and the issue was not the first time, according to the licensing official and he was not the first donor. He added that he wanted to leave well enough alone.

Newsday called Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan, who said he was not aware of the incident or of any request for a typewriter. He suggested Newsday  contact Commissioner of Licences Clive Clarke. Calls to Clarke's phone went unanswered.

The post, which was made on Wednesday morning, has 664 likes and 117 comments and was shared 421 times.

Photo of the typewriter that was donated -


"Man buys Licensing Office a typewriter to get taxi badge"

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