‘We don’t support violent protests’

Protesters and police clash during protests in east Port of Spain - Jeff Mayers
Protesters and police clash during protests in east Port of Spain - Jeff Mayers

RELATIVES of one of the three men killed in a police-involved shooting in Morvant on the weekend have distanced themselves from the violent protests in Port of Spain on Tuesday which saw roads blocked with debris, 72 people arrested and one woman being shot dead.

Karen and Sterling Jacobs, the parents of Joel Jacobs, were interviewed on Tuesday at their Juman Avenue, Morvant home not far from where he and the other two men – Israel Clinton and Noel Diamond – were shot dead on Saturday.

“We don’t support any violent protest. We against any kind of looting or shooting at the police. That has nothing to do with the killing of my son. We support peaceful protests,” Sterling said.

He added that no member of the family was involved in the protests. Holding up a supplement drink in his right hand, Sterling told Newsday that since his son’s death, he has been unable to eat.

“We prefer not to say anything else because this situation is now in the hands of our lawyers. I’ll just say that people are hurting.”

At Lady Young Road on Tuesday, residents called on Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith to meet with them. They promised to continue blocking major roads every day and during the night until they get justice for Jacobs. A resident said, “We not stopping until something happens. That man was innocent and he just left home to check his child mother down the road. We even had a pot bubbling for his birthday.

“We want Gary Griffith to come down here and talk to us. He needs to talk to the man’s family. Right now, he not saying anything.

"It’s we who called on the Muslims to join us and we usually don’t deal up with them,” the resident said adding this is not the first time “an innocent life” was taken by police.

Protesters along Lady Young Road also distanced themselves from the robbery of a Chee Mooke Bakery delivery van on Monday. Resident and football coach Jamaal Shabazz was clear that the protests had nothing to do with the robbery of the van.

“We heard the bakery was robbed in our area and we have been collecting money from the residents to pay them back every cent. We are not robbers, thieves, and murderers. We are about the community and justice.”

Some residents were heard muttering they were ready to lay down their lives in order to get justice for Jacobs.

Almost 100 residents stood along Lady Young Road at midday on Tuesday, blocking traffic and many holding their hands in the air shouting at police officers, “Don’t shoot us,” and, “Why allyuh wicked so?” An elderly woman was seen throwing gas on debris which was thrown across the road but it was not set on fire.


"‘We don’t support violent protests’"

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