Protest, family dispute end in arrest in Corinth

A MAN who reportedly gripped a child by her neck while holding a bottle of gasoline during a heated family dispute at Corinth, south Trinidad, has been arrested. No one was injured during the incident. Newsday visited Corinth Hills on Tuesday after being alerted to ongoing protests. Videos on social media showed tyres and debris being thrown into the road and set on fire. But by the time Newsday arrived, the area had already been cleared. Residents who were looking on said the protest did not last more than ten minutes.

But then screams of “Allyuh too wicked,” were heard as police apparently arrested another man who was said to have been involved in the protests.

The suspect’s sister said they were all sitting at the bottom of the hill, looking at the protest, which was some distance from where they live, and they were not involved. The police told Newsday they were simply taking the man in for “questioning” and left the scene.

Meanwhile, the suspect’s neighbours – two cousins – were arguing about their shared apartment. While the police were still there, the cousins had asked them to intervene.

One of the cousins yelled, “Allyuh could find allyuh own shelter. Nobody pay rent, so I don’t want nobody in my place.” He then said he was going to get a van and would return.

But when he came back, he had a bottle of gasoline in his hand, while holding the child, and began to walk to the apartment. He did not say what he planned to do. The child was allegedly screaming, “No, don’t do it.”

This drew a crowd of concerned neighbours who tried to quell the commotion verbally and physically. Police then returned and took the man into custody. The crying child was handed over to relatives.


"Protest, family dispute end in arrest in Corinth"

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