Police save woman from assault

A 23-YEAR-OLD man is in police custody after being seen “violently pulling the arm of a young woman” in Chaguanas on Monday.

In a release on Tuesday, the police said the man was charged with three counts of assaulting police officers, obscene language, resisting arrest and damage to government property.

Cpl Bishop, PC Besai and WPC Nestor were on mobile patrol on Enterprise Street in Chaguanas and were alerted to a fight nearby. The release said, “The officers approached and identified themselves. W/Cpl Bishop and the other officers separated the man from the woman.

The man began behaving violently and using obscene language towards the officers. He was cautioned by W/Cpl Bishop about his language but he persisted. The officers attempted to restrain him and he became more violent and menacing to W/Cpl Bishop and the young woman. W/Cpl Bishop used herself as a shield to protect the woman from the man.”

The man then, reportedly, destroyed the rear windscreen of the police vehicle with his right hand. Reinforcements were then called in and the man was held.

“The suspect, along with the young woman and the officers, were taken to the Chaguanas Health Centre. He was later transferred to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex to seek further medical attention.”


"Police save woman from assault"

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