Young: More nationals being brought home

National Security Minister Stuart Young. -
National Security Minister Stuart Young. -

The cautious allowing of citizens into TT will continue as National Security Minister Stuart Young announced that several more groups would be granted exemptions to enter the country.

The first will be students and nationals currently in Cuba to be brought back on a special Caribbean Airlines (CAL) flight.

Young said the amount of space available in the country's parallel health-care system for covid19 will determine the rate at which citizens would be brought back.

He said Government would be contacting students in India to tell them they are being granted exemption to return. He said they must send their travel details to Government and must understand they would be subject to quarantine on return.

Young said Government would also be contacting nationals in the region about bringing them back to TT. He did, however, speak to nationals that would try to use other Caribbean countries as "jumping points" to TT.

“Right now there are another group of people, we granted them exemption to come from the US, they flew to another Caribbean island and are waiting there to now jump across.

"(However, in general,) we are not permitting other Caribbean islands that have taken decisions to open their borders to international travel to be used as jumping points, as launching pads into TT.”

Young said the other big groups being considered for exemption were nationals in the US, UK and Canada, and he was looking at offering some the option of state-supervised quarantine.

“Some of them are in a position where they can pay for hotel-supervised quarantine and we’re looking to expand that facility a little bit, and that allows us those of our nationals who we can take into our state quarantine who will not pay for their quarantine, and that will allow us to have a broader group.”

He said the nationals on the Enchantment of the Seas would be decanted on Tuesday to facilities on land and undergo another round of testing on Thursday. He said once they tested negative, CMO Dr Roshan Parasram would make the decision as to what would happen next.

Young said the CAL flights currently happening out of Jamaica were specific to Jamaica only. He said any nationals wishing to return to TT would have to apply for exemption.

Responding to a question about Venezuelans entering TT illegally, Young said, in conversations with the police and Defence Force, police were told to seek the necessary legal advice to charge TT citizens who are found harbouring and transporting illegal immigrants with human trafficking and aiding and abetting in human trafficking.

He said TT citizens had to realise that there were consequences to those activities.

He said the Venezuelan government would be doing a repatriation exercise later this week.


"Young: More nationals being brought home"

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