Sinanan on demerit system: ‘So far, so good’

 - Marvin Hamilton
- Marvin Hamilton

WORKS and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan said he has seen a “significant change” in the way drivers have been operating on the roadways since the Road Traffic Demerit Points System began.

The system came into effect on May 26 after months of postponement.

Drivers start with zero demerit points on their electronic record. Points are then added each time a driver commits offences such as speeding, reckless driving, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and vehicle maintenance violations.

If a driver gains more than ten demerit points but less than 14 within three years, their permit can be suspended for six months.

But if the driver accumulates more than 14 points but less than 20 within the same three-year period, the permit will be suspended for one year, and for two years if it’s over 20 points.

At the opening ceremony for the new bridge at Cross Crossing, San Fernando, Sinanan responded to questions from the media about the system.

“That’s a huge move forward for this country and so far, so good. I know the team continues to meet on a weekly basis to ensure that any challenges that may come up, they will deal with it.”

He said it will also help curb the illegal use of the Priority Bus Route by some drivers.

“They recognise it’s not as easy as it was before to break the law. It’s serving its purpose. It is actually helping us in terms of the responsibilities we have when we use the roadway.

"Before, all you had to do was pay a fine but now if they're caught utilising the Bus Route illegally, you get the demerit points. Anybody that breaks the law, then the law has to take its own course.”


"Sinanan on demerit system: ‘So far, so good’"

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