Other racism symbols in US

THE EDITOR: I always knew Americans are not as smart, caring and intelligent as they have paraded themselves for centuries.

I alert the Black Lives Movement that there is so much to be dismantled than they would ever know. It’s not just statues and monuments. Almost everything in the US has some form of racist symbol and meaning.

In this land of the “free” and the “brave,” racism is hiding in plain sight. It’s not just Aunt Jemima, Mrs Butterworth and Uncle Ben. What about the “white only” mannequins in clothing stores?

Even in the year 2020 (which I call the year of hindsight), we still see in every single commercial that black faces and black bodies are not welcomed and portrayed. I can list hundreds of other examples, but I will leave you with one more that no one is talking about. The face of the president who freed slaves was placed on that country’s lowest money denomination – the penny.

Yes, this “worthless cent” that you see scattered on the ground wherever you go that Americans of all races step on and refuse to pick up. But also check out the colour of the penny in comparison to the more valuable coins. America has been stepping on “brownness” long before the neck of George Floyd.

I rest my case.


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"Other racism symbols in US"

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