Update: Education Ministry on lockdown

The Ministry of Education is on lockdown as protests continue in Port of Spain. A staff member at the building told Newsday the permanent secretary at the building has ordered all staff to stay indoors.


SEVERAL businesses, including the Capital Plaza mall on lower Frederick Street, were closing mid-morning on Tuesday as protests which began hours earlier in Laventille and the Beetham Estate moved to parts of the capital.

Police were telling businesses to close for the day as a tense stand-off with police and the soldiers was taking place at various locations with people protesting the police killing of three men in Morvant on Saturday afternoon.

As gunshots were heard, people were seen running in different directions including inside stores, which then locked their front doors.

The protest had already led to gridlock along roads and highways leading to and from east Port of Spain as residents threw debris, some of which was later set on fire, across the Beetham Highway and also parts of the Eastern Main Road near the Central Market.

Police also told NP to close its gates at its headquarters off the Beetham Highway.

A group of young men, all wearing bandanas and some with their hands in the air, marched along Independence Square chanting protests against the police shootings over the weekend.

As the protesters marched, pedestrians ran out of their way, while heavily armed policemen watched from nearby.


"Update: Education Ministry on lockdown"

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