Toothache brings early end to judge-alone murder trial

Justice Lisa Ramsumair-Hinds
Justice Lisa Ramsumair-Hinds

There was an early end to the virtual judge-alone murder trial being heard by Justice Lisa Ramsumair-Hinds on Monday after the man on trial complained of a toothache which required medical attention.

Carlos Cezair is on trial before Ramsumair-Hinds charged with the June 7, 2008, murder of Elvis Emile in Sangre Grande.

At the start of the proceedings on Monday, Cezair’s attorneys, using the chat feature on the video technology software used by the Judiciary to facilitate virtual trials from the prisons, said their client was in extreme pain and either needed his tooth extracted or medication, which could not be given by the prison authorities.

Cezair’s attorneys said they intended to ask for an order so that he can be taken to hospital.

He is represented by attorneys Amerelle Francis and Susan Kalipersad.

The matter was adjourned to Wednesday.


"Toothache brings early end to judge-alone murder trial"

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