Regrello: ‘I never said we’re bringing wrecker back’

San Fernando Mayor, Junia Regrello   - Lincoln Holder
San Fernando Mayor, Junia Regrello - Lincoln Holder

SAN Fernando mayor Junia Regrello has clarified a statement he made last week about the wrecker system resuming in the city.

He said the police have their own wrecker which they can use for specific situations.

Last Wednesday, Regrello said drivers were taking advantage of the relaxation of parking restrictions and creating congestion and inconvenience to others.

He said, “Normally, we would work with two or three wreckers, but we considered using one wrecker because people are parking their cars all over, particularly around Library Corner, which is a main junction. We were forced, pressed by business places to bring back the wrecker from Monday (June 29).”

But, speaking with media at the opening of the new bridge at Cross Crossing, San Fernando on Monday morning, Regrello said, “We never said we’re bringing the wrecker back. I don’t where that information came from.”

Instead, he said, “What we had was several complaints from business persons who said people had been parking their vehicles in front of their entrances as well as (the homes of) private citizens.

"The police service has a wrecker and we said if required, we’d ask the wrecker to remove those vehicles.

"But we have no intention of bringing a wrecker at this time.”

He said it is currently a “very difficult time” owing to the covid19 pandemic and he is being very supportive because of it. He said he is urging the public to work with the city corporation and to co-operate.

“It was discussed at the council level…We decided not to do it based on the recommendations and our observation.

"(There will be) no wrecking in the city.”


"Regrello: ‘I never said we’re bringing wrecker back’"

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