Karim tends to his constituents

FOR YOU: Chaguanas East MP Fazal Karim, right, presents some chicks to a constituent.  -
FOR YOU: Chaguanas East MP Fazal Karim, right, presents some chicks to a constituent. -

AS PART of an ongoing initiative in the Chaguanas East constituency, 100 households were given chicks to start farms as part of MP Fazal Karim’s “Eat What You Grow Initiative.”

The project was launched in 2019 and further developed during the covid19 pandemic to give constituents opportunities to earn an income, start and become self-sustained. Karim noted that this was part of series of agricultural development measures introduced at the constituency level to achieve the goals of food security and self-sufficiency.

He said, “It hurts to see so many of our citizens affected by the covid19 pandemic. Many individuals and families visit my office on a daily basis seeking financial assistance and food.

“Hunger is something no one should struggle with or be judged for and this is one of the many reasons why I look at creating an environment for innovation; a framework in which both new and existing ideas, knowledge, technology and support can be accessed and shared as the fundamental to societal transformation to ensure food security and nutrition for all.”

Almost 600 chicks and a supply of feed were distributed on Thursday at his constituency office on Rodney Road, Chaguanas. The “Eat What You Grow Initiative” also comprises of a series of short courses, YouTube tutorials, in areas like small business management, grow-box agriculture, peachtree accounting for small businesses, container gardening, plant and seed distributions and tilapia distribution for farming.

Karim also on Saturday, at his Annual Book Lover’s day meeting, encouraged constituents to take some time out of their busy schedules to read. He said it was important for both adults and children to read, develop their literacy skills, and use their creativity for generating innovative ideas.


"Karim tends to his constituents"

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