Amazed at maxi drivers

THE EDITOR: I am amazed at the headline “Fed up of maintaining City Gate. Maxi-taxi drivers want Govt help.”

Are these the same maxi-taxi drivers who took the Government all the way to the Privy Council and won, getting it to rule that they had a legitimate expectation that they would be permitted to operate from City Gate and would not be under the control of the PTSC?

They said that the management of the facility should be handed over to them. The Government had to repay the $1 user fee for the facility collected over the years.

Having won their case at the Privy Council ten years ago, now paying no fee and having been repaid their money (millions of dollars) they are fed up managing the facility. They got what the wanted but lost what they had and now they complain. They liked it so.

Why must the long-suffering taxpayer now step in to help? They said they wanted to manage.




"Amazed at maxi drivers"

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