Come to the front, Panday

THE EDITOR: Can the Basdeo Panday/Mickela Panday Patriotic Front (PF) destroy the hope of electoral victory for the People’s National Movement (PNM) or indeed the United National Congress (UNC) in the 2020 general election?

Leader Mickela's Panday's opening salvo is to claim that the PF does not carry that infamous TT corruption label. Where did the Pandays purchase political disinfectant? I scoured the advertisement pages of the Express, Newsday and Guardian and could find no reputable hardware selling anything to cleanse political life. I googled the internet and came up blank.

I have been waiting, with bated breath, for Mickela Panday to come out of the shadows only to realise that the inimitable former prime minister Basdeo Panday is by proxy offering himself once more to the hearts and minds of TT citizens.

Let us deal with the word/label/accusation of corruption. The word carries no meaning in TT as it is attached to any person or entity with a banking account of more than $50. Any profit margin is allegedly gained by corrupt means. The word “corruption” encompasses the First and Third Worlds like a political blanket and we are not immune. The word “corrupt” is now as obsolete as building statues to glorify the past misdeeds of conquerors and slave masters. In present-day global perception, statues are a waste of time, paint, marble and concrete.

If Mickela Panday can prove that the Patriotic Front is some new squeaky clean version of world politics, then she has already overdosed on the elixir that drives third party political belief that one should laugh at PNM and UNC base support.

Basdeo Panday, a political icon, said to be untouched by political scandal, our only political angel, must not hide behind his beautiful daughter. Please come forward sir and face the political applause.


Diego Martin


"Come to the front, Panday"

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