THA secretary Jomo Pitt calls it a day

THROWS IN THE TOWEL: THA Secretary for Sports and Youth Affairs Jomo Pitt who announced last week that he was bowing out of active politics. -
THROWS IN THE TOWEL: THA Secretary for Sports and Youth Affairs Jomo Pitt who announced last week that he was bowing out of active politics. -

SECRETARY of Sport and Youth Affairs Jomo Pitt has called it a day. Pitt, who is also the electoral representative for Lambeau/ Signal Hill announced that he will not be seeking a third term in office during his contribution to the budget debate in the Assembly Legislature in Scarborough last Thursday.

Prior to the announcement, Pitt gave an update on the long outstanding indoor sporting facility earmarked to be constructed at Bacolet within close proximity to the Dwight Yorke Stadium.

“It is hoped that by the middle of next month towards the end, the contract for that facility would be awarded and construction beginning soon after, I suspect in the month of August,” he said noting that it is against that backdrop when he assumed the duties of Secretary of Sports, one of his pronouncement was that during his term in office an indoor facility would be built in Tobago, “ and if we did not, I would not seek another term in office, I was willing to step down.”

“Regrettably, we have now started the project and against that backdrop I would like to make an announcement to say that I would not be seeking a third term. I gave a commitment and I gave my word that if I wasn’t able to achieve a particular goal, I would no longer seek re-election.”

He expressed gratitude to his supporters. “I would like that thank everybody who supported me in my two terms, I would also like to thank those who were against me because indirectly they provided me an incentive to prove them wrong,” he said.

He singled out the former representative William McKenzie, who he described as his mentor. “William ‘Sonny’ McKenzie provided me as a role model, as a youngster growing up and seeing him in the trenches. I dare say that he probably in my estimation will be the area representative of all times. If memory serves all of us correctly, he spent one term in the majority and most of his tenure in this house was in the opposition. It gives you an indication of the manner and character of the gentleman.

“Mr McKenzie, I want to thank you for providing me with that impetus for getting involved in politics. I dare say that I have not come close to what you were, but I gave it my best effort,” he said.

Pitt entered active politics in 2013 in the Orville London-led administration where he held the position of Assistant Secretary of Education, Youth Affairs and Sport with responsibility for Sport during the period 2013 to 2017.

He again threw his hat into the ring during the 2017 THA elections in which he was successful. This time, during the then Kelvin Charles led administration, he served as Secretary of Sport and Youth Affairs, a position he currently holds.


"THA secretary Jomo Pitt calls it a day"

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