PNM meets with EBC for election discussions

Camille Robinson-Regis -
Camille Robinson-Regis -

Representatives of the PNM met with officers of the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Friday to discuss plansĀ  to safely accommodate voters at polling stations for the upcoming general election.

The two met at around 10 am and talked for about an hour.

Speaking with Newsday after the meeting, PNM general secretary Foster Cummings said the meeting was a routine forum to ensure there were sufficient facilities in place to accommodate voters.

"We would usually request a meeting with the EBC around this time to check on the readiness for the elections and this was one of those meetings.

"We dealt with matters pertaining to the electoral list and also, because we have the covid19 situation, the question of social distancing and what needs to be in place.

"So it was a routine meeting, but it dealt specifically with respect to matters of how the election would take place in the context of the social-distancing issues and the readiness of the EBC."

Newsday also spoke to the PNM's lady vice chairman Camille Robinson-Regis, who said social distancing would be enforced at the polls and urged the public to come out early to cast their vote.

"From what they (the EBC) have told us, they will be exercising the same things they have done for elections before, in accordance with the regulations under the legislation. The only difference will of course be the issue of physical distancing.

"There will also be the use of masks for voters."

On the issue of dipping one's finger in ink after voting, Robinson-Regis said the EBC said it would be working with the Ministry of Health through the Chief Medical Officer to come up with protocols so this would not pose a problem for the health regulations in the voting process.


"PNM meets with EBC for election discussions"

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