Hunt, Sobers like chalk and cheese

THE EDITOR: Two UNC candidates for the general election were interviewed separately on TV6 and CNC3 on June 22.

There was Sean Sobers, the candidate for San Fernando West, on TV6. He appeared confident but humble. He was calm, collective and focused. He gave the host, Fazeer Mohammed, intelligent responses without falling into the trap of condemning the performance of the incumbent.

He, without boasting, focused on what he would hope to achieve if given the opportunity to serve. He did not pretend to know all the answers to the problems which San Fernando West may have. With a broad smile he acknowledged that it would be a challenge to unseat the incumbent. He faced reality squarely in the face.

On the other hand there was Ahloy Hunt, the candidate for St Joseph, on CNC3. He was coming over as being over-confident to the point of being arrogant. He sounded as a modern-day Don Quixote, slashing away with lance and sword to defend the helpless against the powerful. Don Quixote had been characterised as chasing after windmills.

Hunt tried to downplay the highly successful government response to the covid19 pandemic emergency. He was spared being tied up as a Sunday crab by the host, Hema Ramkissoon, on the question of bringing in all and sundry during the pandemic lockdown.

Hunt has much to learn as he seeks public office – the first being to be humble.

It was like chalk and cheese listening to Hunt and Sobers.


former MP


"Hunt, Sobers like chalk and cheese"

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