Police investigate three homicides in Central Trinidad

Murder victim Ravi Samlal's parents, Bridglal and Chandralika, at their Couva home on Tuesday.  PHOTO BY VASHTI SINGH -
Murder victim Ravi Samlal's parents, Bridglal and Chandralika, at their Couva home on Tuesday. PHOTO BY VASHTI SINGH -

Three murders in Central Trinidad earlier this are engaging the attention of Central Division police.

The first incident happened on Sunday afternoon at Palm Avenue in Carli Bay during an alleged land dispute between Ravi Indar Samlal and some people in the area.

Around 3 pm Samlal, 49, was found unconscious on the bathroom floor of his home by his mother Chandralika Samlal, 69, and one of his siblings, Manickchand.

Samlal’s family, who lives at Copeland Drive – a short distance away from him – said when they heard there was bacchanal brewing, they walked over to his property to find out what was happening.

His mother said there was a dispute about a piece of land but she never imagined it would have resulted in her son’s death.

“My son living there for over 25 years and has been working with the Ministry of Housing over these years to get the land the right way. But he was being bullied and now I do not have a son.”

The woman claimed reports were made to the police on Sunday morning and several times prior but nothing was done.

“If they (had helped us) Ravi would be here today. Someone interfered with my family and we had no assistance from to the law to help us.”

The deceased, who suffered a stroke some years ago, lived alone and worked as a tradesman in the community.

His relatives said he was a kind and loving man, especially to his children who are 17 and 19 years old.

Samlal died at the San Fernando general hospital and an autopsy is yet to be done. Police suspect he was struck to the back of his head.

The second incident happened in Cunupia around 2am on Monday.

While on patrol at Esmeralda Road, police saw a man covered in blood wandering the streets.

They tried to interview the man but he was unable to give any information and was taken to the Chaguanas health facility to be treated for stab wounds.

Police later found a trail of blood leading to a house with a bar on Esmeralda Road.

A woman at the house said the man, identified as Devon Brown, tried to rape her and, in self-defence, he was stabbed.

She was arrested but was later released as investigations continue.

Brown died around 3 am.

And at Derek Road, Chase Village, a family is waiting on an autopsy report to determine whether a burnt body found in Carlsen Field on Monday night was their missing relative, 40-year-old Barry Ramsook.

The body was found in a burnt car belonging to Ramsook off Connector Road.

His wife, Kimberly Gadjadhar, said she learnt of the incident via a Facebook post that night and was contacted by police on Tuesday morning.

“They said they were investigating several missing persons cases, including Barry’s.

“They confirmed that the car was my husband’s and that I should go to the Forensic Science Centre.”

Gadjadhar said she felt numb and the situation has placed her, her three children and the rest of their family under more stress.

“This is hard because we do not know if this is him or not. I feel lost. I do not know how to move on from this.”

Ramsook, who went missing last Friday evening, was a PH taxi driver in the area.


"Police investigate three homicides in Central Trinidad"

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