People stay away from south beaches

This family braved the Sahara dust  to visit Vessigny beach. - L Holder
This family braved the Sahara dust to visit Vessigny beach. - L Holder

Many people claimed on social media to be yearning for the beaches and outdoor activities during the covid19 lockdown.

But when Newsday visited beaches in south Trinidad on Tuesday, there were no crowds. Only a few beach lovers had gathered, saying they were elated to feel sand and seawater.

Vessigny Beach remained deserted on Tuesday. - L Holder

At Vessigny Beach a couple and their two daughters, four and ten, were there for the first time since the stay-at-home measures came into effect in March. The mother of the family, who did not want to be identified, said they live nearby.

The entrance to the La Brea pitch lake. - L Holder

"The girls wanted to come. We came to take some photos. We thought it was a good idea to visit today," she mother said as she took photos of them playing.

The mother was pleased that only a few people were at the beach.

Another mother told Newsday that she too lives nearby but had not been on the beach since March when the beach facilities were closed, preventing the public from entering from the Southern Main Road.

A smattering of beachgoers walk along Carat Shed Beach in La Brea on Tuesday as covid19 restrictions, which closed all beaches, were lifted on Monday. PHOTO BY LINCOLN HOLDER - L Holder

She said, "People live on the shorelines but it is too far to make the rounds to come here. This is my first day out here."

On Saturday the Prime Minister announced the latest easing of covid19 restrictions – phase five.

As of Monday, beaches, rivers, amusement parks and the zoo reopened.

The pitch lake was not buzzing with activity. Likewise there was no one in sight at Station Beach in La Brea.

At Carat Shed beach, there were a few people, spaced far apart.

This couple takes photos at the Vessigny Beach sign on Tuesday. - L Holder

Carat Shed Beach. - L Holder

The La Brea pitch lake. - L Holder


"People stay away from south beaches"

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