UWI protesters still awaiting day in court

Two students at UWI, St Augustine are still awaiting their day in court almost two years after being arrested during a protest at the campus.

In October 2018, students Nathanael John, 21, and Brian Richards, 23, were arrested when a group of students barricaded the campus south gate preventing cars from entering or leaving.

The protest was sparked by a sexual assault on a second-year female student at the Student Activity Centre.

Both were arrested and charged with obstructing a police officer in the conduct of his duty and resisting arrest. They pleaded not guilty.

Newsday spoke to attorney Brian Baig. who represents both students. He said both his clients and their attorneys were expected to return to the Tunapuna Magistrate's Court later in June for another hearing.

Baig said the reason for the delays was absenteeism on the part of state counsel.

"The hold-back would not have been due to the attorneys for the two young gentlemen. We have always done due diligence. All the other issues in that matter lie in the hands of the State.

"I believe on the last occasion (in April) there was no attendance of the attorneys for the State."

The students were arrested after they allegedly tried to prevent police from reopening UWI’s southern gates to traffic during a protest by students calling for more security measures.


"UWI protesters still awaiting day in court"

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