Supermarkets welcome 10 pm closing time

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SUPERMARKET Association president Rajiv Diptee says he welcomes the new 10 pm closing time as lockdown measures continue to be relaxed. It was previously 6pm for supermarkets.

The Prime Minister made the announcement at a press conference in Scarborough on Saturday.

Speaking with Newsday on Sunday morning, Diptee said the association had proposed 8 pm as the closing time to the Road Map to Recovery team, so he is pleased with the decision.

“We made a submission based on an increase in traffic on the road and remember, during the lockdown, people who were considered non-essential were required to stay home. But as of the last phase, there’s a much higher crowd out there and a much bigger after-work crowd.

“So let’s say you finish work at 4 pm, you’re rushing to get to the grocery before they close at 6pm. So this was creating a situation where you have a nucleus of customers who have the potential to not physically distance and they were also rushing.”

He said since pharmacies and food establishments were allowed to open up to 8 pm, he believed the same should have been extended to supermarkets.


"Supermarkets welcome 10 pm closing time"

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