Costa sets sights on 2021 US road season

TT’s women’s pro cyclists, Alexi Costa, left, and Teniel Campbell. -
TT’s women’s pro cyclists, Alexi Costa, left, and Teniel Campbell. -

TT cyclist Alexi Costa has shifted her competitive focus to the 2021 American road season.

The 24-year-old speedster was originally scheduled to begin her professional cycling career with US-based CWA Women’s Racing Team in March.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Costa remained grounded in TT and has been forced to postpone her debut as this nation’s second-ever women’s pro cyclist.

Just days before her selection to the American road cycling club, compatriot Teniel Campbell became TT’s first female pro rider by accepting a spot on the Italian-based women’s team, Valcar Travel and Service.

Campbell, however, departed en route to Italy in mid-December 2019 and was able to get in a few races on the European circuit before authorities banned sporting activity to prevent the spread of covid19.

Costa was not so lucky to grace the competitive stage but expressed pleasure with the initial outcome since the US, to date, continues to lead global statistics in confirmed cases and deaths of the novel virus.

“The club will wait for the 2021 season to start and we’re hoping to do some early races in February. Hopefully by August, they (US) gain control of the amount of cases they have and we can have a few races at the end of the year but we will see how that goes.

“It’s probably better I’m at home instead of potentially exposing myself to illness with all the travelling we would have had to do in order to get to the races,” said Costa.

The 2019 Caribbean Road and Time Trial champion capitalised on the Government’s stay at home restrictions to elevate her strength and physical conditioning. As limitations continue to gradually lift, Costa has returned to road training and anticipates the reopening of gyms to amplify her weight training.

Presently, she rides six days a week, inclusive of three days of structured workouts (road) and three days of strength training at home.

Since the pandemic hit North America, confirmed cases and deaths continue to rapidly rise on a daily basis. So much so, USA Cycling has heightened its restrictions making it almost impossible for race promoters to host events. More and more races continue to get cancelled while restrictions on gatherings are mandatory.

“I was really looking forward to racing with the team this year but I’ve come to terms with it now because there is absolutely nothing I can change, so just being really consistent with training so that when racing does start back I will be prepared. “This extended time at home has definitely allowed me to build some extra strength that I did not have at the start of the year so I’m happy for that,” Costa concluded.


"Costa sets sights on 2021 US road season"

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