Arrive Alive concerned over bars reopening

Arrive Alive expressed concern on Monday over the reopening of bars and called on Trinidad and Tobago to be responsible while driving.

In a conversation with Newsday, chairman Sharon Inglefield said 51 fatal road accidents occurred this year, separating families who continue to suffer to date.

“With bars, beaches and public spaces opening up again after the lockdown due to the coronavirus, our NGO is very concerned that there will be more carnage on our roads, and we implore all drivers to be responsible, plan your journey, take time on our roads, designate a sober driver, and remember there are severe consequences to making poor choices,” Inglefield said.

She said the nation should be reminded that the new demerit point system launched on May 27 is in full effect and people caught in breach of the law on the road would be subject to fines, demerit points on their permit record, and the loss of the privilege of driving.

More importantly, she said a lapse in judgement on the road could lead to serious injury to their loved ones and other road users.


"Arrive Alive concerned over bars reopening"

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