Six dead overnight in separate killings


SIX people including a two-year-old were killed in separate incidents that took place between Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

In the most recent of the killings are the stabbing deaths of brothers Christopher Williams, 26 and Gabriel Joseph 31.

Police reported that the duo, of Baker Trace, Pioneer Drive, Petit Valley got into a fight around 12.45 pm and stabbed each other to death. Sunday Newsday was unable to find out what triggered the fight.

Earlier on Saturday, Kerron “Kayo” Prince, 34, of Olton Road, Arima, was found dead outside his home. A video shared on social media, with a woman alleging to be Prince’s mother, was circulated as she lay next to the man’s body.

Police reported that residents of Sherwood Park, Arima heard gunshots on Friday night but no one investigated. Around 7 am on Saturday, residents found Prince’s body near a drain not too far from his home.

On Friday night, father and daughter Stefhon and Aniah Mc Leod were killed after Stefhon took the child to get something to eat near his Tunapuna home. Police reports said around 7.3 pm a gunman came out of a vehicle and opened fire hitting father and daughter. Mc Leod had just picked up his daughter when they were attacked. Police suspect the killing to be drug-related.

In the final incident, Natasha May, who was shot on June 6, died at the Port of Spain General Hospital.

May was among three who were shot Almond Drive, Morvant. Two others Taurean Holder and Wayne Liverpool were killed during the gun attack.

Police reported that around 3 pm a gunman opened fire on a group killing both men and injuring May.

These killing took the murder toll to 216 for the year compared to 238 for the same period last year.


"Six dead overnight in separate killings"

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