'Slight increase in food prices' in Tobago

Finance Secretary Joel Jack. PHOTO COURTESY THA  -
Finance Secretary Joel Jack. PHOTO COURTESY THA -


A slight increase in food prices has been observed at Tobago’s supermarkets, according to Secretary of Finance and the Economy Joel Jack.

Jack made the announcement during Wednesday’s weekly post-Executive Council media briefing at the Anne Mitchell Gift Auditorium in Scarborough. Jack said price gouging continues to be monitored by the Consumer Affairs Unit of the Division of Finance and the Economy.

He said one of the responsibilities of the division was to ensure there is a fair marketplace for all consumers on the island to purchase goods and services. They are also mandated to conduct regular price monitoring exercises, especially during the covid19 pandemic.

“We continue to collect the necessary data; we are reviewing the data collected in the month of June and all indications point to a slight increase in prices.

“We, therefore, expect that in the month of July, we would be comparing the prices for the last three or four months and we would issue a report thereafter,” he said.

Jack said early on, the division received several reports of instances of price gouging, which were investigated.

“The unit interviewed and spoke to the entrepreneurs and we listened to concerns of members of the public.

“My information, to date, is that we have not received any new reports of price gouging and if that is so, I would like to ask persons to please inform us at the division, so that we can take the necessary action.”


"‘Slight increase in food prices’ in Tobago"

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