Parasram: Not safe to reopen borders yet

Dr Roshan Parasram -
Dr Roshan Parasram -

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Roshan Parasram said Government will consider reopening the country's borders when the rate of covid19 spread decreases in neighbouring territories. He made the statement during a Ministry of Health virtual presser on Monday.

“We have to judge if and when to reopen our borders based on the circumstances on the outside, just as we did when we closed.”

He said because the pandemic has spread so quickly throughout the world, no country has come to the stage where TT can allow entry.

“When things change in the coming months, I assume, there will be countries with decreased transmission, or no transmission at all.”

He said Government would look into reopening borders at that time, however, current infection rates from neighbouring territories did not look promising.

Parasram said data from the World Health Organization (WHO) showed the US had recorded 22,133 new covid19 cases in the last 24 hours. Brazil had 25,982 new cases in the same period.

“The numbers are still rising.”

Parasram said until the number of positive covid19 cases improves globally, TT's borders will remain closed.


"Parasram: Not safe to reopen borders yet"

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