Bank turns away Lotto agents


The Electronic Lotto Agents Association of TT is calling on the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB) to clarify and rectify the recent issue of Scotiabank not accepting its members’ deposits.

In an open letter to NLCB chairman, Eustace Nancis, association director Dean Persad said last week some Scotiabank branches turned away hundreds of agents who showed up to deposit money on behalf of the NLCB.

He said there was no prior notice from either the bank or NLCB about the change of its business operations.

He said Nancis and NLCB director Michael Jogee were contacted about the situation and the association members were advised to deposit the money at NLCB offices in Port of Spain and south Trinidad. He said agents were also instructed to sign up for night deposit bags even though Nancis had agreed previously that such activity was risky.

“This untenable, stressful, risky and chaotic situation is to be laid squarely at the feet of NLCB, its Board and its chairman," Persad stated in his letter.

Speaking to Sunday Newsday, Nancis said he heard about the situation but he did not know much about it. He said he had not had any discussions with the association since last year but he knew night deposits were a long-standing challenge.

“The management would look into it and we would see what we can do but I am not the Governor of Central Bank or the Minister of Finance to call on banks to do anything.”

Persad also called on Finance Minister, Colm Imbert, to intervene to bring resolution to the banking issue.


"Bank turns away Lotto agents"

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