Return flight from Venezuela delayed by medical emergency

There has been a delay in the flight from Venezuela expected to bring 29 TT nationals and residents home today.

Newsday understands Rutaca Airlines was expected to pick up four people in Caracas and then the rest in Margarita.
But one passenger waiting in Margarita told Newsday there was a medical emergency with one of the passengers at the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Caracas.

A woman, said to be over 60, has not had medication for her diabetes and hypertension for weeks, and complained of feeling unwell. Medical officials were called and the woman was treated.

Newsday was told she was cleared and the plane is expected to pick up the remaining passengers in Margarita soon.

The group was supposed to arrive in TT 11 am. Up to 2.30 it was uncertain when they would arrive in the country.


"Return flight from Venezuela delayed by medical emergency"

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